Semi dedicated servers

Having more redundant reserves and independence for your websites is always an advantageous opportunity. The semi dedicated server accounts provided by 'Fully Web Hosting' are suitably endowed with everything more popular sites would need for faster web page load times under sizable traffic circumstances. Compared to VPS services, the semi-dedicated accounts also supply unmetered domain name web hosting options, but ensure a lot more CPU and server power, because of the fewer user account owners utilizing the very same very robust server. Moreover, you still acquire the hosting industry’s greatest CP - Hepsia. As a standard tool, at no further charge. You will greatly estimate the user-friendly File Manager, the Domain Manager and the Email Manager, the One-click Apps Installation Tool and the Site Installation Tool devices.

Hosting Overview Semi Dedicated 1 Semi Dedicated 2
Cost Per Month
Server Disk Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Network Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
Max CPU Load 100% 200%
MySQL Queries 90 000 / hour 130 000 / hour
MySQL v.5 DBs Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Web Space Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Hosted Unlimited Unlimited
eMmails Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited
One-click Apps Installation Tool
Site Installation Tool
Free Web Design Themes
Service Availability